DAVID SLS-2 Structured Light 3D Scanner Review

The DAVID SLS-2 Structured Light 3D Scanner is a great value for the money. Not only does it fall in the under $5,000 range, it provides high speed and high precision 3D scanning. The scanner features an innovative Structured Light Technology that enables it to give you precise 3D scanning in mere seconds.

A mobile scanner, the DAVID SLS-2 can easily scan any surface and when used with the appropriate software, you can scan your items in a single click. Seconds later, the images are shown on the screen in 3D. The mobility enables users to scan every side of an object and combine those sides to create a 3D display model. The hardware enables you a more flexible adaptation, and any size object can be scanned. The scanned results can easily be exported into the most common formats for 3D printing such as PLY, OBJ, and STL. Scanned images can be processed in other applications as well.

The scanner features an industrial camera complete with high quality lens, and a video projector features a special lens that allows you a larger focal range, complete with remote control. The scanner also comes with a USB drive that holds the DAVID4 PRO software, as well as a camera slider, rail, tripod, and all the equipment and cables you need to connect.

The mobile scanner can simply be placed in front of the surface that you want to scan, and the included tripod and other equipment make taking images of larger objects easy. This is a great scanner for a number of tasks including those used for product presentations, works of art, computer animation, archaeology, video games, and the list goes on and on.

Scan size ranges from 60 to 500mm, and you get a resolution of up to 0.1 percent of the scan size. Scans take only seconds each, and the mesh density is up to 1,200,000 vertices per single scan. It does require Windows Vista and above operating systems, as well as a 3D graphics adapter, two available USB ports, and an available VGA or HDMI port to use.

The manufacturer recommends are dual core processor 64bit, 2 GHz,4 GB RAM, NVIDIA or AMD graphics processor. For the money, this is an excellent scanner and enables you to grab those images of larger, immovable items quickly and easily, particularly when using the included remote control. Those looking for a 3D scanner that is completely mobile, and one that provides high quality image output, a fast turnaround for snapping images, and the ease of use that you would expect in a far less technologically advanced piece of equipment will find the DAVID SLS-2 Structured Light 3D Scanner right up your alley. All in all, it’s a great piece for the price, and much lower priced than many on the market that tend to give you the same results regarding images, ease of use, and overall efficiency.

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