Veho VFS-002M Colourbright 35mm and 110mm Film Scanner Review

The Veho VFS-002M Colourbright film scanner expertly converts 35mm and 110mm slides and negatives into digital formats, making it an ideal choice for preserving and sharing precious memories. Its user-friendly design ensures effortless archiving, appealing to photography enthusiasts seeking a reliable solution for digitizing various film types.

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Chance M.

Waiting for a scanner that scans both 35mm negatives AND 110mm negatives? You do not have to wait any longer! The Veho VFS-002M Colourbright scans both 35mm negative and 110mm Instamatic negatives. The scanner is simple and easy to use with PlugNPlay technology and one touch scanning. The PlugNPlay allows you to connect to a computer and start scanning immediately. You are not required to install any software drivers in order to operate the scanner. The scanner is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. The scanner includes Media Impressions 6 Software for preview and editing purposes. You can use this technology to easily edit out redeye and brighten your images.

Veho VFS-002M Colourbright 35mm and 110mm Film Scanner

Users love the size of the scanner and how easy it is to use. Many users comment on how much fun it is using the scanner. Many users enjoyed finding the memories they did not realize they had packed up in their many boxes of negatives. Some users complain that adjustments cannot be made on the actual scanner. You have to make adjustments after the images are scanned on the computer. The Media Impressions 6 Software makes adjustments easy after scanning, however. The scanner is also fast, allowing you more time to adjust the your photos and edit them as you desire on your computer. The Veho VFS-002M Colourbright 35mm and 110mm Film Scanner comes with three tray holders.

Product Hiighlights:

  • Create digital images of all your old slides and 35mm & 110mm negatives
  • Scans 35mm slides and negatives and also 110 instamatic negatives
  • Plug and Play, no drivers to install, captures an image in 1 second
  • Compatible with PC (XP, Vista 32 & 64, Windows 7) and Mac
  • Includes Media Impressions software for image capture and editing
  • Quick one touch scan

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