Pacific Image Primefilm 7200 Slide and Film Scanner Review

The Pacific Image Primefilm 7200 Slide and Film Scanner scans images at a high resolution of 7200 dpi. The scanner scans both 35mm negatives and slides quickly and efficiently with an average speed of 90 seconds per 35mm negative at 7200 dpi. It comes with a slide holder, negative holder, AC adapter, Cyberview X Software, ImageFolio v4.5, and USB 2.0 cable. The scanner is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. A unique feature of the scanner is its automatic dust and scratch removal. This renders images more clear and allows you to scan quickly without having to clean up the image after scanning.

Users enjoy the user-friendly software of the scanner and its simple design, stating that the scanner is easy to use and set up for initial scanning. The Scanner is also lightweight, weighing less than three pounds. Many customers have praised the professional quality of the images that they receive at such a low price.  Some viewers have complained that the scanner is slow, but high quality images always take time, and an average speed of around 90 seconds per scan is actually pretty fast for a high quality scan.

You can find your Pacific Image Primefilm 7200 Slide and Film Scanner by following the link below. You will be able to start immediately with this scanner that produces professional quality, but is capable of use by any amateur.


  • Digitize 35mm Negatives & Slides
  • 7200dpi Optical Resolution
  • Automatic Dust & Scratch Removal


  • Pacific Image PrimeFilm 7200 35mm Slide and Film Scanner
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • Slide Holder
  • Negative Holder
  • AC Adapter
  • Cyberview X Software
  • ImageFolio v4.5
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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