3D Scanner Reviews

NextEngine HD 3D Scanner Review

NextEngine HD 3D Scanner Review

The NextEngine 3D Scanner was released a few years ago and still remains one of the most popular on 3D scanners on the market. At a price point under the $3,000 mark, this is considered to be one of the…

IIIDScan PrimeSense 3D Scanner

IIIDScan PrimeSense 3D Scanner Review

The IIIDScan PrimeSense 3D Scanner is capable of capturing high-detail models and providing relatively clear images for around the $1,000 price mark. Those this one is not nearly as popular or well-known as some others in the same price range,…

3D Systems iSense 3D Scanner

3D Systems iSense 3D Scanner Review

For those in search of a mobile scanner, the 3D Systems iSense 3D Scanner is a great choice. Reasonably priced at around $500, this one does many of the tasks of a more expensive model, and provides a compact design that…